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" Companion animals are considered family. Cancer is quickly becoming the leading cause of death for them, as it is for humans. Because more owners seek cancer therapy for their companion animals, it will follow that immunotherapy, as an adjunct to traditional cancer treatment, will become commonplace. "

Dr. John Chretin, DVM, Diplomat, ACVIM, Oncology 


coming fall 2017, Retired Military Dogs and Contract Working Dogs will be enrolled in The Perseus Foundation's Health Insurance Program. 

On June 24th, 2016, Dr. Edmund Sullivan, at Bellingham Veterinary in Bellingham, Washington made the announcement that Retired Military Dogs and Contract Military Dogs would receive treatment, at no cost, in his clinic.  The Perseus Foundation recognizes the powerful bond that exists between a handler and his dog. In so doing, in collaboration with Dr. Sullivan,we will be establishing a hospitality house in the Bellingham area, a home away from home, where these heroes remain during extended stays while being treated at Bellingham Veterinary. While the "House" was inspired by a RWD, dogs receiving T Cell Therapy will also be housed at this facility.

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